How to earn money from the Internet doing small tasks? (No skill required)

by | Apr 17, 2021

The method I’m going to tell you is so simple and direct that you can use right after you learn from this blog. It is a quick method to earn money from the internet without the need of any skill.

These methods might come in handy when you’re starting to earn from the internet and need a few dollars to invest in your initial works. Like for example: If you want to buy a domain and hosting to start a blog or a portfolio website, or you need some extra money for yourself.

The idea is simple: Do some easy tasks for the clients putting those tasks and earn small royalties upon completion. The tasks would also be very simple, like sign up for some website, or make a google account, or something like that. These tasks would hardly take you a minute or two per task, and you can earn $3-$5 per day. This means you can have about $150 in 30 days if you work well enough.

Time needed: 1 minute

The websites which offers such services are as follows:

  1. Picoworkers

    earn money from internet
    Go to and sign up.

  2. Microworkers

    earn money from internet
    Go to and sign-up.

  3. Neobux

    earn money from internet
    Go to Sign-up.

  4. Familyclix

    earn money from internet
    Go to and register.

How these websites help to earn money from Internet?

All these websites almost work on the same principles. You just need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Sign-up
  2. Perform Task
  3. Submit Proof
  4. Earn Royalty upon verification

For each task you complete, you’ll need to include attachment of proof for the publisher to verify. This can be in the form of link, code or a screenshot. To my experience, I mostly found out that they require mostly screenshots, and sometimes links.

The task I usually see are of making a google account, Instagram account, etc., or create an account on some websites. Other than that they might give you some other tasks which are similar in terms of difficulty. So overall it is quite easy and even a kid can do these tasks.

The best thing about these tasks is that you have the option to choose. You can choose what task you want to do to earn money from the internet. You don’t have any foundation or you’ll not get any random task to complete.

I’ll highly recommend you to make a separate email account to do these tasks, as most of them would require you to sign-up for services, which could lead to unnecessary mails coming on your account. So choosing a separate account for that would be a better idea.

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