How to get courses for free in 2021 in English/Hindi and get a certificate on completion

by | Apr 26, 2021

In 2021, things got really rough when the Covid-19 second wave hit the world. Most of the places are going to be in a lockdown phase again. In these tough times, learning something new or enhancing a new skill is the best thing you can do. You can get courses for free for that.

Learning a new skill would later on help you with your career, or might get you a better job!

By going through the courses, you can learn or enhance skills and you’ll get a certification upon completion. Many people are selling the same courses for a high price. But the following methods will help you get courses for free.

Also, some of these courses are available in Hindi and other regional languages as well.

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    Startup India

    Startup India is an initiative started by the Government of India for young Entrepreneurs. This website allows you to learn many skills for Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Account and Finance, Information Technology, AI Machine Learning, Soft Skills, and many others.

    It is an excellent platform to learn these skills at the comfort of your home, whereas others charge a huge amount for the same.

    All these courses are available both in English, Hindi, and many other languages. So if you’re not much familiar with English, then you can opt for Hindi to learn.

    To go to the courses, first, open, then hover to Resources, where you’ll find courses in the Learning section. The Online Courses page should look like this:

    learn free skills

    Google Digital Unlocked

    how to get udemy courses for free

    Google Digital Unlocked is a very good platform if you’re looking for courses in Digital Marketing, Career Development, and Data and Tech. It is a very good platform to learn with a very interactive interface. The courses are based on videos uploaded on their YouTube platform and you can check your knowledge after each video lesson via a small real-world-based question.

    After each module, there is a short test which you need to complete to go to the next module. When you complete all the modules, you need to give a final examination in which you need to score at least 80% to get promoted and get the certification.

    Google Digital Unlocked has both a free and paid certification program, and both are very good and helps you grow your knowledge. At least you can start with their free courses for now and later on when you start to get monetary benefit by applying that, you can buy their paid ones too.

    A certification from Google is of great value, and it would always be beneficial for your resume.


    learn stock market in india

    Elearn markets is a good platform if you want to learn about Share Markets and Finances. The courses available in this service are certified by NSE Academy, MCX Metal & Energy, and NCDEX.

    If you want to learn about Stock Market in an easy and understandable way, you can go to this website’s course: शेयर बाजार सीखें सरल भाषा में. This course would be around ₹4,720. But using the codes like HELP100, CODE100, TRICKY100, you can get it for free(for Hindi only). Register before these codes expire.

    learn stock market in hindi

    You’ll get video tutorials in this course which is easy to understand and you’ll also get a certification on completion.


    EDX is one of the most trusted platforms for learning and it is backed up by more than 160 universities. You’ll be able to get online courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Berkeley University of California, The University of Texas System, and many more. Even there are many courses by companies like IBM!

    But there is a slight catch in this website, first is, the courses are free, but to get the certification you’ll have to pay, and the second is that the content, as obvious, is not available in Hindi.

    So if you just need the best of learning, for now, you can go to this website to start an online course, and later on, when you start to earn, you can pay for the certificate. It is one of the best options for learning as these courses are from the best Universities and Companies in the world.

    How to get Udemy courses for free?

    how to get udemy courses for free

    You might be well familiar with Udemy. It is currently providing one of the best value-for-money courses in these pandemic times. But do you know, you can get Udemy courses for free? Yes, you heard it right! Udemy offers some of its courses for free too. Although they are limited, you can still take a look if there’s something worth your interest.

    You can go to where you’ll see a list of all available courses which are free of cost. These also come with certification when you complete them.

    udemy free courses

    Unfortunately, Udemy courses are in English only as their courses are recognized and learned worldwide.

    Apart from free courses, Udemy’s paid courses are also great. They are currently available for a sale of just ₹455 per course. That’s way cheaper than any of the other competitors there, considering the value we get at that price. You can check them here.

    Through YouTube

    learn from youtube

    If you don’t care about the certificate or if you want to enhance your already certified skills, then YouTube might be the best option for you. Rather than watching some funny videos or movies and wasting your time, you can do something productive on the same platform.

    There are many good instructors on YouTube who can teach you many new tricks and tips which might get missed in the online courses which you did.

    Many Indian YouTubers are also there who provide you a much intense learning experience through their YouTube videos in Hindi. YouTubers like Satish K Videos, CodeWithHarry are some of the great mentors from India who offer you great value from their content.

    Apart from that, there are many other YouTubers from around the world. They offer you great value in their respective niches. Some of them which I follow are H-Educate, LivingWithPixels, Create a Pro Website. These people create awesome content and provide great value in every single one of their contents.

    Although, make sure you don’t follow many of them as you might find yourself struggling while choosing what things to follow and what not. Make sure to research their channel, their content, and their authenticity before choosing to follow their content. Because information and data are scattered all over the internet, so choosing what to follow should be selective.

    Also, make sure to stay away from click baiters. They’re mostly adding false information to gather more people’s attention. You’ll likely find irrelevant data when you click on them. In most cases, they’re just there to earn from you and nothing else.

    Have a great learning!

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