Top Five Marketing Tips You Need to Know before 2022

by | Oct 9, 2021

Are you starting your field in marketing? Or are you working for a while and need some upgrades to your approach? Then these marketing tips would give your career a raise and would help you become a better marketer before 2022. This article would be useful for professionals, mentors, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

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    The Fundamentals of Marketing

    marketing tips 2022

    Let’s learn about marketing first. What is exactly marketing? How can someone start marketing a product? Well, a lot of people think that marketing is when a product is ready and we have to promote it, but actually, it’s wrong. Marketing actually starts before even creating a product. It starts with understanding people’s needs and then creating a product that suits their needs.

    Business has only two functions- Marketing and Innovation

    Milan Kundera

    A marketer first needs to know people’s pain points, their needs, in order to create a product fitting perfectly to what they have been missing in their lives. For this, they need to conduct surveys to know their target audience better.

    After creating the product, the marketer needs to send the right message to the right message at the right time, which is the main purpose of marketing. You don’t need creativity for that, as it is completely based on science. You need to know what is the psychology of your target audience in order to curate a product and campaign for them. For example, even colour preference in campaign posters matters and it has a huge impact on customer behaviour.

    Marketing also means taking customer satisfaction into priority. A marketer not just needs to sell a product but also keep the existing customers happy by providing excellent support and communication, so that they can be customers for life, not just for once.

    When you do marketing right, you’re building a brand, but also capturing a position in people’s minds at the same time.

    Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

    In the age where everything, even business is online, is traditional marketing still relevant? Actually, it is! If you have a product that is something which a wide range of people can use, and needs a very wide targeting, you can do it very cost-effectively using traditional advertising. Let’s say for a product like Colgate toothpaste, you don’t need to have a targeted audience, rather than a wide range of audience, because each and everyone can use the product regardless of age and gender.

    traditional marketing
    Traditional Marketing: Billboards

    But what is traditional marketing? Mediums such as television, radio, billboard, printed media etc used for marketing are known as traditional marketing. Products like mobile phones, appliances, daily use products, etc can perform great using traditional ads. They were pretty much the only form of marketing back when the internet was not present, and it will still be the best method to reach millions of people at the same time. Digital Marketing simply cannot cope up with Traditional marketing when numbers are taken into consideration. There are millions of people using Radio, TV and Newspapers daily and it is very cost-effective to reach them using traditional marketing.

    marketing tips 2022
    Digital Marketing

    If you want to use features such as targeted audience, deep marketing and natural sales, Digital Marketing is the best way to go. You can reach the people with spending power easily using this method. It also has many different ways in which you can do marketing based on your desired goal.

    CATT Funnel and AIDA Formula

    These two formulas are some of the most important things you can learn as a Digital Marketer. These formulas work for:

    1. Sales Pages
    2. Blog Posts
    3. Email Newsletters
    4. Sales Video Scripts
    5. Facebook Ads
    6. Google Ads
    7. Many more…

    Let’s talk about AIDA first. The AIDA formula is:

    • A – Attention = Having an eye-catching headline/ subject line/ video caption
    • I – Interest = Getting people engaged into fresh information
    • D – Desire = Showing people benefits of your product and showing them how it can change their lives. Also showing results from other people your product had
    • A – Action = Giving them option to have your service or product. You can provide offers to them too.

    AIDA formula is a very effective formula that marketers have been using for a long time. It is a step by step scientific method to get more from your marketing campaigns. Similar to this formula, the CATT funnel has its own benefits as well.

    Now let’s look at what CATT is:


    Wealth = n^CATT in which

    • n – Niche = The sucess and wealth you’ll have will be dependant on the niche you select.
    • C – Content = Create useful content that naturally attracts people to your niche. It can be blog posts, videos, lead magnets, webinars or any digital marrketing campaign.
    • A – Attention = Getting traffic to your content using methods such as SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, Referrals, etc.
    • T – Trust = Building trust to your targeted audience using retargeting and marketing automations.
    • T – Transaction = Convert your leads into sales with natural sales method.

    Selecting a niche should be a balance between talent, market and passion. If any of the three is lacking or absent, the resulting niche would be frustrating and non-profitable.

    Both these methods, when applied properly, can provide excellent results to the marketing campaigns.

    Integrated Digital Marketing

    Integrated Digital Marketing is something every digital marketer should consider in all his assets. All the assets you have like an email newsletter, content, social media, etc. should just click together seamlessly and work like a machine altogether.

    integrated digital marketing

    People generally do the mistake of working on just one aspect and leaving others, generally working on content and leaving it to work on its own, but that might not even get the results. People generally do have a short attention span around the internet, and getting their attention is something every marketer is fighting for, right?

    So to have all the things integrated gives you a better chance of getting noticed, again and again, allowing someone who just forgot about your product to remember it again, and take action.

    You need to have such a paid ads campaign, that allows people to see your content but also grows your newsletter at the same time, and the traffic you get also increase your SEO traffic, and people share your content on social media that drives more traffic, and hence the result could be more sales. It is a simple yet complicated process and it takes a bit to get used to, but it is what most people don’t pay attention to.

    Personal Branding

    Personal Branding is something that most successful people are practising for a while because it’s one of the most effective methods of marketing. We have many examples of the effects of personal branding like when the value of DogeCoin suddenly went up just from a single tweet from Elon Musk, or when the value of BitCoin suddenly went about half when he announced he won’t be taking BitCoin as payment for Tesla.

    Personal Branding is something every marketer should practice as they would be the influencer as well as brand ambassador for all the companies they run. They can give rise to many companies and brands from their influence.

    Have you sometimes noticed that for any work, one person is known to everyone very well, even if hundred or thousand of people might be doing better work than him and wondered why has this happened? Well, that is because he is good at branding himself well, even if he’s not so good or maybe above average at the work he does. This is because people remember the best known, and it will always beat the best.

    Also, people want to hear or know something from people, not a brand. It’s naturally odd talking to a company on social media, and it feels natural to talk to an actual person’s account working on that company. That is the reason why many company’s CEOs has much more following than the company itself.

    In a cooperative view, there’s a downside too, that you can’t sell your personal branding. But on the upside, you’ll have the power to create brands of your own and sell or run them at your will.

    In my thoughts, there are only benefits of creating personal branding, regardless of the profession you’re in. It makes you the known one in public and creates trust and understanding in people for you.

    To build a personal brand, a person should follow the MassTrust Blueprint as demonstrated by Digital Deepak below:

    masstrust blueprint

    These were the five top marketing tips you need to know before 2022 because as time goes, completion grows! I hope I provide you with enough valuable information about marketing. Please let me know about it in the comments below.

    This article was part of Digital Deepak’s Internship Program. It was a fun experience to work on the week 2 project. I’ll be posting my journey in DDIP here soon.

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